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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 4, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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moment you say the words that i can't say ♪ ♪ every time i see you falling i get down on my knees and pray ♪ ♪ i'm waiting for that final moment you say the words that i can't say ♪
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♪ every time i see you falling i get down on my knees and pray ♪ ♪ i'm waiting for that final moment you say the words that i can't say ♪ ♪ every time i see you falling i get down on my knees and pray ♪ ♪ i'm waiting for that final moment you say the words ♪ >> jimmy: you can see a bonus song of new order at jim i want othank mark wahlberg, jennifer morrison. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night harrison ford, anthony mackie and music from m83. thank you for watching. "nightline" is next. good night.
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4 . tonight on "nightline" -- illegally blond. tonight, reese witherspoon's drunken run-in with police. >> i'm now being arrested and handcuffed? >> yep. >> do you know my name, sir? >> to the 16 things you didn't know about mariah carey. the place where internet sensations are launched. inside super viral headquarters. it's a dog eat dog world. unless you're a dog who's getting married. >> you may lick your bride. >> tonight, owners shell out thousands to pamper their furry friends. but how much is too much for their spoiled rotten pets?
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'. >> from new york city, this is "nightline" with juju chang. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. she's turned being a dumb blond into a heroic calling. but reese witherspoon is one celebrity no one thought they would see in a hollywood scandal. we wonder whether hollywood's girl next door can redeem her image. >> reporter: it's become her most talked about performance of the year. captured by a georgia state trooper's dash cam and beamed around the world by tmz.
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>> do you know my name? >> i don't need to know your name. >> you don't? >> not at the moment? >> no? okay. >> it was worthy of an usaustin power movie. >> ion stead of a movie star about to squeeze out of trouble. >> you're about to find out who i am. >> reporter: comedians couldn't resist. >> does that ever work? do you know who i am? it's second only to do you know who my father is? the answer is either no which is embarrassing or yes and you're going to jail. >> reporter: the bad behavior came after her husband was pulled over for allegedly fail to stay in one lane while the couple drove home from dinner in atlanta. >> i have done nothing against the law.
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>> yes, you have. you haven't obeyed -- >> i have to obey your orders. >> reporter: the embarrassing video was leaked to tmz just hours after this appearance on "good morning america" where the actress looking much more like reese witherspoon looking like the actress we're familiar with, did her best to apologize. >> we went out to dinner atlanta. we had one too many glasses of wine and we thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not. it's just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry. and embarrassed. and we know better. >> during the incident, her husband, the one who's actually supposed to be in trouble tries to calm his oscar-winning wife. she's hardly the first movie star caught behaving badly. from david hasselhoff -- >> this is a mess. >> drunk hamburger moment to mel gibson's anti-semitic rant to
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police, and justin bieber's paparazzi throwdown, there are more examples, more mug shots, more tmz and youtube clips of celebities at their lowest than we can possibly fit into this story. but here's the thing -- none of them are reese witherspoon. we're talking "sweet home alabama" reese. legally blond reese. >> you're breaking up with me because i'm too blond? >> reporter: pardon the description, but she's not exactly known as someone you would confuse with lindsay lo n lohan. >> reese witherspoon went into this with a good image and i think i she'll survive with a good image. in my business, it's really your job to figure out if it's a speed bump or a sinkhole. and i promise you, this is a speed bump for her. and she's going to move beyond it without any damage. >> hollywood publicist howard bragman and the hollywood reporters matt baloney agree,
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witherspoon's image will survive. probably. >> i think it's really too soon to know whether this is going to harm her image permanently. i think people will move on. and people will kind of forget about this. or if they don't forget about it, it's not going to impact whether they see her movie the, i don't think. >> but was someone intentionally trying to hurt her? the police say it didn't leak the video. >> every good story starts with a tip. >> harvey levin has previously made in secrets about his tactic, which include paying for tip, regardless of the motive on the other end. >> if there's a tip that leads us to something, we still have to get the story. and i would pay for a tip. >> but how much? is this big money? >> no, it's not at all. oh, i got a tip, i'm just going to put it up. this leads you in the direction. >> reporter: at the end of the video, reese witherspoon's
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husband tries to be distancing himself from the uncomfortable tantrum. >> i'm sorry. i have nothing to do with that. >> i know. >> i said crazy things. and you only hear me laughing because i had no idea what i am talking about. i'm so sorry. i was so disrespectful to him. i have police officers in my family. i work with police officers every day. i know better. it's just unacceptable. >> reporter: she's hoping her next performance alongside police go a little better. >> ma'am, have you seen this man? >> no, sir. >> have you? >> her new movie "mud" soon hits theatres. >> cringe worthy, indeed. coming up next, it's ground zero for internet cool. how buzz feed is revolutionizing the web. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative.
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can you guess what 15 things you don't know about mariah carey? or what about the most important beers at the n.r.a. convention? well, it serves as a treasure troe for tens of millions of pop culture hungry internet browser, wanting the latest content that's entertaining, often informative, and always targeted to be irresistibly shareable. but how does the site turn out such viral content day in and day out? we get behind the buzz.
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>> reporter: when the president makes a joke about your company at the white house correspondent dinner -- >> buzz feed was just something i did at college around 2:00 a.m. >>. >> reporter: you could say you've arrived. >> got to go. >> reporter: and when you're ben smith, the editor ain chief of that company -- >> you tweet it and i'll retweet it. >> reporter: that is a very good day at the office. >> it's a cool time to be a reporter. because it's -- it's back to trying to figure out what people want to talk about and read. >> reporter: it's only 1e67b years old but worth $200 million with more than 50 million unique visitors per month. to give you an idea, "the new york times" website gets around 29 million. so what's put buzz feed on the cutting edge of all things buzz worthy? they've tapped into the holy grail of internet existence --
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going viral. from the harlem shake -- ♪ to that old spice commercial. >> look down, back up, where are you? you're on a boat. >> in a world where brands, celebrities and stars are trying to become the next internet sensation, buzz feed seems to have it down to a science. short, fun and enticing posts like 21 things that will restore your faith in humanity will spread like wildfire across social media platforms like facebook and twitter. how do they come up with the kind of ideas that people are compelled to spread far and wide? >> people come to buzz feed to find things to share. >> we sat down with buzz feed founder and ceo jonah paretti. >> is it a science? >> it is an art and a science. you can't trick people into sharing content that they don't like. you have to make things that are compelling. >> reporte they shared four viral rules -- rule number one.
12:52 am
have a heart. >> reporter: one was the most powerful imageses of 2011. the 9/11 memoriaial opening, th death of steve jobs, the tsunami of japan. it allowed people to relive and refeel the pain and poignancy over the year. >> number two, capture the moments. >> a little over a year ago, there was an earthquake in new york city. it was a small earthquake but because we're not used to earthquakes, we did a post, the most shocking images of the damage. like a yogurt cup tipped over. >> cute animals deserve respect. >> there are millions of people posting cute animals online. >> rule number four, nostalgia sells. >> when you see a post about boy bands from the '90s, or candy you can't eat anymore because they stopped making it and you
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remember it from a time you were a kid, it's a powerful thing to connect with other people who are your age who have the same memories. >> reporter: but playing by the rules only goes so far. it helps to have a team of the industry's finest. >> there's no the. stop adding the. >> some may have heard of modern seinfeld. in 140 characters orless, buzz feed's jack moore hits jerry, george, elaine against the pitfalls of the smart phone age. >> the show was about the little announces in our lives. this updates those announces towards being i recognize myself in this. >> bud feez encourages people like moore to create their own viral sensations. he's gained more than 500,000 followers in the process, including george kcostanza himself. >> i am costanza, lord of the idiots.
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>> reporter: in an age where twitter and facebook have a power to spark revolutions and overturn leaders, all that social capital is a terrible thing to waste. which is way buzz feed has broken into breaking news. andrew kosinski has sailed to twitter stardom with a sixth sense for a story that's on the verge. >> if i see something, there's basically two things that go through my head. if it's important, people are going to share. if it's a really important story, you want to get it out there. >> we're making sure we get those stories, those micro stories of the moment before anyone else. >> after improving its political chops, the site recently received more than $20 million in funding to keep the on the pulse scoops coming in at breakneck speed including original video and reporting and you guessed it, it comes down to social. >> they have this story about how a character on the history channel played president obama.
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i talked to a bunch of my colleagues. i'm not crazy here. this guy looks kind of like president obama. we got that story at, like, midnight. i woke up the next morning and the story blew up. >> politics, pop culture and puppies may seem like a strange recipe for success, but it all seems to make sense when you realize that much comes down to emotion. >> when you think about the way people connect to each other, laugh together, feel emotion together, that is a powerful thing. for light nine, i'm john donvan in new york city. >> coming up next, since cute animals deserve respect, you might love your pets from beautiful birds to fancy fer rit, but would you pay thousands of dollars to get them married? for some pet owners, that's just the beginning. [ female announcer ] jcpenney believes mom deserves to get everything she wants. the best deals are at jcpenney, in-store and online.
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did you know 60% of the american homes have a pet? we have a hamster, does that count? man's best friends come in all shapes and sizes. we all know the animal owner who will do everything they can for their pet mates. how much is too much? surely dogs don't neat bark mitt
1:02 am
vahs and pigs don't need spa treatments, or do they? >> reporter: pigs who enjoy days at the spot. >> it's a piggy facial. >> ferrets, treated like royalty. >> a dog whose dentist comes to their home. >> she's my daughter. i don't mind doing whatever it takes to make her happy. >> reporter: this new jersey couple threw their dog a bark mitvahs. >> i've done it for joan rivers and rosanne. >> from the gown to the flowers she picked herself, it was quite the affair. >> i thought i was the biggest spoiler of pets of all time, but i lrned very quickly that we're very small on the totem pole.
1:03 am
>> "spoiled rotten pets" is a new show. think of it as the lifestyle of the rich and famous for the four-legged and furry crowd. and yes, there on the couch with us is hank, a pot bellied pig. >> it was a dream job to spend time with people who love their pets so much. >> reporter: and the love doesn't stop there. when these two dogs chico and fio fiona fell head over tails with each other, the owners had a wedding. >> you may lick your bride. >> reporter: there was less lick and more socializing that the gathering of the pup scouts in new york a canine version of the fwoi scouts. >> we're going to do a roll call now. >> monthly meetings have uniforms, cookie scales even a scout code. >> i will try to do my duty. >> and like that you are human
1:04 am
counterparts, these pups earn badges, too. >> we're going to do a few doga poses today. >> of course, it's not all business at these meetings. >> where's the badge for that? >> reporter: but how much of all this furry fanfare is actually about the pets? or is it more about the owners? what do you think the dog gets out of that when they come to these meetings. >> lie like to see the other dogs. just like people spoil their children, we spoil the dog pop i think the owners get a lot, the dogs get a lot. >> dr. ramsey is a professor of psychology. he says pets can benefit but that there are warning signs when things have gone too far. >> you spend more money on your animal or yourself or your family.
1:05 am
your animals are more important to you than other human beings. is. >> reporter: still it appears all this pampering really does come from the heart. and beth believes these animals feel the love do you think these animals realize how high off the hog they're living in some cases? >> i absolutely believe that animals know when they're being spoiled and loved. this pig is a prime example. the answer is yes, they know. >> reporter: just one word for skris. all that love is great, but don't forget to feed these guys either. whoa. give me the box. there you go, hank. i guess living in the lap of luxury has made hank a little bit of a diva. >> i think he kept all his fingers. our thanks to rob nelson. "spoiled rotten pets" airs tomorrow may 4 on nat geo wild. and now for tonight's closing